Kanye West recently announced that he is suspending the “GOOD Friday” music release. Promising to release new Kanye West songs every week through Christmas, he changed his mind after single “Lost in the World” leaked to blogs and websites worldwide.

“Due to blogs leaking unfinished songs from my actual album I’ve decided to pass of Good Fridays this week,” Kanye tweeted Wednesday, late in the day. He continued to explain the issue tweeting “It’s messed up that one hacker can mess everything up for everyone … I love to take a year to finish my songs and deliver them to you guys in there most completed form.”

Fans are not too happy with the idea. Eagerly waiting for new Kanye West songs to follow up the singles Power and Runaway, he has created a Hip Hop music feeding frennzy that’s similiar to Pirahnahs when blood is in the water. Angry about the situation himself, West joined in fans’ frustration going on a tweet rant that was pretty extensive.

“Kanye West is one of less than 5 Hip Hop music artist that have excited my ears today. I really looked forward to hearing GOOD Friday and other new Kanye West songs because his creativity and depth. His talent is very rarely compared to in the music world today,” messaged upcoming Hip Hop artist and writer C.KHiD.

The New Kanye West rumors that have surfaced about his coming album are numerous. Since collaborating in recent songs with Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Soulja Boy, and others, it is rumored his album is nearing release. Hip hop Blog sites have reported industry insiders speaking on a new Kanye West album releasing November 22nd, which would be right before Thanksgiving Holiday.

Fans of new Kanye West music, videos, and thoughts can log into his official website at www.KanyeWest.com

New Kanye West Songs for GOOD Friday Cancelled Pics 

Above is Hip Hop music artist Kanye West Smiling and Holding up Number 1 

A creative Kanye West pic, digital enhanced by some on-line mag.