Still relatively new on the rap scene, female rapper Nicki Minaj has reportedly broken a record by holding down seven different spots on the Billboard Top 200 Chart.

Nicki Minaj has reportedly broke a Billboard Charts record as a female MC. She now has seven different songs on the Billboard Top 200 which include three of her own singles and some collaborations. Some of the songs that made it to the top are Your Love, Bottoms Up, and My Chick Bad. She has never even released an album but she is already the most successful female rapper on the Billboard Charts right now. Not only does she have seven songs on the Top 200 but she is now declared to be the female rapper with the most hit singles on the top selling list ever.

Neilsen Soundcan’s calculations show that Nicki Minaj’s singles are among the top 200 best selling singles this year. They have reportedly sold 4,928,000 copies so far. Her collaboration with Ludacris on the smash hit single, My Chick Bad, sold the most with 1,246,000 copies purchased. Her other singles all sold well into the 100,000’s of copies.

Before Nicki was credited with this record breaking achievement she was previously reported to be the first female rapper to make it to the top of the Billboard charts with her single, Your Love. Nicki Minaj will finally be dropping her first album called Pink Friday on November 23rd. With all of her recent success we can only imagine that her album will be another addition to her list of accomplishments.

New Nicki Minaj Songs Break Billboard Top Songs Chart Records Pics 

The new Nicki Minaj songs are smashing records right along with her amazing appeal. She is one of the most recognized black female entertainers of this decade. She’s bringing sexy back also to the ladies that feel crushed by society by applying her own laws for living.