Last month Will and Jada Smith’s daughter, Willow Smith, suddenly came onto the music scene with her single entitled, “Whip My Hair”. The song, talking of her school days, playing double dutch, and of course whipping her hair, became an internet craze last month when the debut video was released. To top it off, now Willow Smith’s first song has now been remixed with a guest appearance from one the hottest female rapper currently in the game.

Nicki Minaj showed her support for nine year old Willow, who has recently been signed to Roc Nation, by remixing the song, “Whip My Hair”. Nicki tones down her usually sexually charged lyrics and raps a verse that is more child friendly and fits in well with the theme of the song. The remix of Willow Smith’s song may certainly be signs of a successful begginning in the music business.

Rapper Rick Ross recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming artist by saying that after listening to her new track, he could not believe that Willow Smith was only nine years old. He calls her “a true ball of talent”. Rapper Jay-Z confirmed that Willow Smith was indeed signed to Roc Nation and says that he also heard the single, “Whip My Hair” before he knew the age of the new artist. However, he told Ryan Seacrest during a radio interview that when he heard the song he knew it was a smash hit. He also goes on to describe his first impressions of the young singer, “I knew right there she was a star. I believe in super stars and I believe in big records on super stars…Yes, [I signed her and we plan on helping her] facilitate all her ideas. As you’re going to learn today, if you sit with her for a half hour, you’ll see, she’s just a wealth of information and ideas… She’s a child, she has child innocence but she has a refreshing clear vision of what she wants to be… And I imagine that’s how Mike [Jackson] was as a kid.”

I have a feeling that Willow Smith will be one of music’s superstars in the future. Will and Jada Smith’s children seem to be full of talent as their son Jaden Smith is now making a name for himself in acting, we look forward to see what his sister Willow Smith will surprise us with in the near future.

New Nicki Minaj Songs Include Willow Smiths Whip My Hair Remix Pics 

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