New TI Songs are sure to be on the way! The Alanta rap star has done some amazing things since being freed from prison and maybe God has more in store for the rapper. After being caught with ecstasy pills in his pockets during a police stop, it seems a helping hand has lifed the gloomy outlook of the situation. Laywers have found that the proper procedures were not taken during TI’s arrest, making evidence possibly nonadmissible in court. If this is accurate, new TI songs will be on the way and his prison term will not be nearly as lenghty.

“People have came down on TI and what he did was good timing or decision making. However, people must realize that he did nothing criminal. He had guns to protect himself and TI had ecstasy pills to take his mind out of reality. Some people are not so Hollywood as people think and if you give brothas a break and show love, their actions will mirror what they sponge. I hope he makes a lot better decisions because he has kids of his own and millions thaht look up to him but prison, is not the answer,” says new Hip Hop artist C.KHiD.

Above and beyond his call of duty to provide quality Hip Hop music for the world, TI stunned news blogs and the public taking on a Superman role in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia. Last week it was reported that down south rapper T.I., who has recently had his fair share of trouble with the law, was caught doing a good deed. T.I. allegedly stepped in to help police offers persuade a young man not to commit suicide by jumping off of a skyscraper in Atlanta. T.I. told BET the whole story and explained how it all went down.

T.I. said he was in his car listening to the radio, which was rare because he usually listens to CDs or his iPod while driving. He heard news that a twenty-two year old Black man was threatening to end his life by jumping from a building on Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia. For some reasons T.I. got the urge to go to the scene and help. He started to call people he knew that worked at a nearby radio station and requested that they tell the young man that he wanted to talk to him. However, people were skeptical and did not think T.I. would be able to help.

Next he parked in front of the building and approached the police officers on the scene. He told them that he wanted to help and they also told T.I. that they did not think that he could make a difference. However, the negotiator was notified and let the young man know that T.I. wanted to talk to him. T.I. was allowed to record a video message to prove that he was there.

“I say on the video that it’s not that bad, how it’s gonna be better, that I’m willing to help him get better, but you got to help me help you.” T.I. told BET.

Next thing you know, the young man came down to meet T.I. at the elevator.

T.I. continued, “I spoke first. He was kind of, not distraught, but just looked tired. I asked what’s wrong and he should his head. I said, it’s never as bad as it seems and if you know me, know what I’ve been through, you know I know it.”

He continued to talk to the young man for a while but he didn’t say much in return. The police finally escorted him away from the scene. T.I. did not exchange information with the young man but he said that he is going to try to find him and see how he is doing. Some people are now critical of T.I. and suggest that his act of heroism may have been a publicity stunt. T.I. responds to these claims saying, “That’s preposterous. People refuse to acknowledge that God has a purpose for all people….I didn’t wake up this morning knowing this was going to happen. This wasn’t on my list of things to do today.”

People may be extra judgmental of T.I. because of the fact that he has currently been in hot water with the law. He was recently released from prison just last year and will be going to court soon to face consequences for violating his three year probation.

“If anything, I’ve known it before, felt it before, but in your darkest hours you lose sight of the fact that you can help people. This isn’t out of the norm for me to go out of my way to help people, regardless of my circumstances. That isn’t out of character for me, but I still have a hard time taking any credit for this. It was God’s work, God’s plan, I just happened to show up at the right time.”

New TI Songs On The Way with Prison Delayed and Saving Suicidal Jumpers Life in Atlanta Pics 

The new TI songs on the way should be covered with the above image. If TI escapes serving time on the ecstasy pills, God has truly blessed the Atlanta rap star to do some kind of good in society.