New Will Smith Movie “Indpedence Day 2” is on the way. After nearly a decade since the original Indepedence Day movie’s release, MTV Movies blog director spoke to the film director Roland Emmerich who has hinted Will Smith will return to the movie playing the role of the United States president.

“This is an alternate reality kind of movie. We pick up the story, what would have happened after this kind of attack? Naturally, the alien technology has changed everything. — Did they rebuild the White House? Who will be President? — or Who WILL be president? Who WILL be president? See?” said the director.

Not only Indepedence Day 2 is in the works but also Independence Day 3 according to industry insiders. Sites such as MovieWeb hav reported up to the minute detail on the new Will Smith movies, with all sorts of blogs about the Indepedence Day sequals.

Indepedence Day 2 is scheduled to hit movie theatres in 2012. Will Smith will be the star of the film. It was directed by film visionary Roland Emmerich, who has a legendary eye for exciting cinema and film. Indepedence day 3 is schedule for 2103 and will star Smith again of course, with Roland also directing.

“Cant Wait to see the new Will Smith movie. Who would not go see the hundred million dollar man in action? He’s been making amazing work since he was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on TV. I want to see new Will Smith songs released, because few rappers have made hits that are as classic as SummerTime,” says upcoming Hip Hop artist C.KHiD.

Focused on movie and film it would seem, Will Smith does freestyle rap on television occassionally professing his love for the Hip Hop music world. However, as a full-time father, husband, hollywood A+ list actor, and businessman, he is busy helping mold the careers of his children Jayden, Willow, and Trey Smith.

New Will Smith Movie on The Way and He′s President Pics 

Above see Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow Smith, Jayden Smith, and Trey Smith. Perhaps the royal family of Hollywood today, this group of talented individuals each work hard in their chosen fields.