Nike Shoe company did a big favor for Oroville, CA activist Julie McCullough. The local director for a High School outreach program, McCollough was having a hard time getting shoes and clothing this year for at risk youth. Taking the chance of contacting the shoe company to see if there were any B-grade Nike sneakers, she got a response that will last through Christmas possibly.

“I am totally in awe” said Julie McCullough. Surrounded by dozens of Nike sneakers boxes and large shipments filled completely with jackets, sweatpants, and other clothing. “Its wonderful… box after box after box of shoes and clothing,” the outreach program director continued.

Reaching hundreds of teens and youth each year, the High School outreach program of Oroville helps the city’s at-risk. Some of the kids come from homes effected by drugs, prison, and poverty. A local church helps keep the program afloat but due to recession, the program has been looking for renewed resources to find discounted clothing, shoes, and school supplies.

The surprise from Nike Shoe company was a major help the Oroville, CA outreach program. Julie McCullough’s ‘try’ mentality helped open a door never before pulled and the kids will feel great about their new Nike footwear and clothing. Nike’s valiant response and effort will also help preserve the positive energy in the Oroville youth, simply by showing some companies still do care and giving kids something to smile about.

Others wishing to help the Oroville Outreach program can visit the official website at or call Julie at the office: (329) – 538 – 2320.

Nike Shoe Co Gives Oroville, CA Kids Sneakers To Smile About Pics 

Above see Outreach Director Julie McCullough standing with Nike Sneakers and clothing all around her. Nike sent it hundreds of sneakers and thousands of dollars worth of clothing to help the Oroville, CA youth.