Street wear and Hip Hop Clothing is free for fans that download the New Hip Hop Songs album by C.KHiD. The new rap music teamed up with 3 of his favorite new Hip Hop clothing brands for his album release yesterday. Fans that download and listen to the New Hip Hop songs album will find an audio skit on the album which unveils a industry investigator’s name which grants contest entry.

“This contest links to my essence. I was really into hip hop fashion, hip hop jewelry, and the science of fashion at an early age and gave ideas to stylists for rap artists like Fat Joe, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, and others before I was 20. These hip hop clothing brands I’ve gotten to give away are crazy and on that same dope level of style. I’ve convinced them to give away some items to my fans free because my fans are creative minds and trend setters,” says C.KHiD of his New Hip Hop songs album promo giveaway.

Teaming with World Wide Web giants Myxer and YouTube for new videos and ringtones, this is C.KHiD’s first time aligning with urban clothing brands. Giving random fans hotnew hip hop clothing and the thrill of winning during this holiday season, it is sure to be appreciated by supporters. A Christmas gift early, the rapper laughs at the thought of what he does, saying he wished rappers he looked up to gave away some stuff to him.

“I’m not a deeply material person but I always had a design, art, and fashion passion. I’m somewhat like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. I know the Hip Hop music fans out there that are putting their last name as KhiD on Facebook and Twitter are the same as me, that’s how we relate. This is just another one of my ways to give back and inspire them in a positive way,” continued C KHiD.

The two exclusive fashion brands the Hip Hop 2011 champion has collaborated with areHood Prep Clothing and the Avrumi Romario Collection. Each will dress the winning C.KHiD fans with enough shirts to last one entire school week or more. For female fans, Women’s Hip Hop clothing line Cake Mixx clothing has teamed with the new rap star. All very exclusive urban clothing brands, C.KHiD will hand pick which designs are to be sent to winners.

The New Hip Hop Songs album by C.KHiD was released yesterday, October 25th. It will be available on iTunes for $9.99 later this week, and the fan preferred free on for a limited time. The 4th release of his “Black Box Dreams” hip hop music series, C.KHiD hopes the free strategy will prove the album to be worth its price and inspire fans to purchase and support good music.

New Hip Hop Songs was engineered by LOS Beats Engineer and Beats 4 Thoughtsfounder, Carlos Paez. Album instrumentals production includes hits from top new rap beats producers Johnny Juliano, BraveStarr Beats, and Flash Beats. The new album has only 1 feature, new RnB songs artist Young Marquis. There are 15 new songs on the rap album. One of the fifteen songs will be a “investigator” skit which includes the name of an investigator fans will need to win this new Hip Hop clothing giveaway. For more information, please visit

Street Wear and Hip Hop Clothing Free With New Hip Hop Songs Album by C.KHiD Pics 

Share the above promotional graphic for this Street Wear and Hip Hop Clothing giveaway by the CKHID organization. It’s a collaborated effort with Hood Prep clothing, Avrumi Romario Collection, Cake Mix Clothing, and more.