New rapper on the scene, B.o.B. has been selected as number 9 on the list of Hottests MC’s in the Game by MTV. With B.o.B.’s breakthrough singles “Nothing on You” and “Airplanes” he has struggled to put out enough hip hop songs to balance the pop feel that fans get from some of his hits. However, he must be getting something right.

B.o.B. explained to MTV News, “For me, you know, you always run into that risk of not having enough balance in your music when you’re trying to make a wide variety of music. My career has been something that’s begun on cloud 9 to what’s coming out now, and my sound, you can’t hear it in one body of work. You have to follow it and build. And that’s what it’s been to this point, where I can do songs with Hayley Williams and Rivers Cuomo and still have a hip hop foundation.”

B.o.B . is happy that he made the top ten Hottest MCs because he wants to share more of his versatility and rap ability with fans. His hits have been climbing the charts but he still wants to do more.

“My personal challenge was to put an album out that was well received. And to be able to do that and still get the lyrical crowd to pay attention shows me a lot,” he later added, “I really want to show everything, and there’s only so much you can show lyrically, with the amount of lyrics in an album.”

New BOB Music News; Rapper Ranked 9th Hottest Hip Hop Artist of 2010 Pics 

While TI is away momentarily, there is sure to be New BOB Music on the way. The top artist on the Trap Muizk / Atlantic Records roster, B.o.B. is already changing how the Atlanta music scene is viewed.