New Hip hop Songs, an album by new music artist C.KHiD has leaked onto the web. After planning to push back the album’s release date to better accommodate fans, the independent rapper faults himself for the delay. Moving forward with business as usual, the rapper sat with new Hip Hop songs download site,, for an interview to discuss lifestyle, hip hop clothing, celebrity rumors, and more.

“Yeah, is a Hip Hop blog I always saw. They are one the first rap sites to show up for New Hip Hop songs on Google. The blogger behind it talked to me a while ago to post some of my music and a mix-tape. DopeHood helped me reach 100,000 downloads collectively of singles and albums total. Since that went well, DopeHood collaborated with the CKHID team to make me a part of the site’s history,” says C.KHiD.

Reaching over 50,000 unique users daily, DopeHood users will wake up to a change Today, November 16. Posting only new rap music mixtapes and new Hip Hop songs prior, C.KHiD will open the day with an in-depth interview about everything from hip hop clothing to jailed rumors.

“This interview with DopeHood was my first time confronting rumors in this crazy gossip blog world. WorldStarHipHop got a lot of talks going [about C.KHiD] that I let slide… Just easing the fans minds now. I can go in worse with photo evidence and audio to damage those casting stones, but I won’t 50 cent them. I would rather talk about the New Hip Hop Songs album and my desire to make a new Jeep Wrangler song for Jeep Wrangler Riders,” spoke C.KHiD on his trailing celebrity rumors and aspirations.

Officially launching fourth album “New Hip Hop Songs” today, rapper C.KHiD is not the average new music artist. Investing in an array of media businesses, he aims to become one of the largest new music artists in Hip Hop and Pop culture. Wishing he named his new album “New Hip Hop Songs 2011” for effectiveness on-line and aim at the new year, C.KHiD believes the “New Hip Hop Songs” album to contain his top rap songs created to date.

Growing more famous daily thanks to YouTube, C.KHiD may just become the key to revolutionizing the music industry. Tying with major web brands Myxer, YouTube, iTunes, and others, his business savvy ways opened great doors for an Indepedent Hip HOp artist. Always playing with the idea of how to get a record deal and signing, C.KHiD puts no energy into finding contract.

The new Hip Hop interview with C.KHiD will be launched on Tuesday, November 16. Almost one week from Thanksgiving, C.KHiD’s New Hip Hop Songs album will be one of the albums parents buy for kids during Black Friday sales events across the world.

C.KHiD is a writer and performer of Hip Hop songs and new music. Inspired by an array of legendary artists from Tupac Shakur to the Beatles, he hopes his music will enlighten fans, especially youth, to strive harder. A rapper and executive, he is also the founder of ‘CKHID,’ a digital age entertainment group. The group’s focus is to provide all types of digital media from Hip Hop News, clothing, and art blogs to original music and video. The CKHID group will be touring to promote the New Hip Hop Songs 2011 album early next year.

New Hip Hop Songs 2011 Album Leaks, C.KHiD Talks Youtube Fame and Rumors Pics 

C.KHiD strikes a pose in Avrumi Romario Clothing’s “Stop the Hate” Hip Hop tee shirt. 

Above see the official album artwork for C.KHiD “New Hip Hop Songs” album. The record is now available on iTunes, Rhapsody,, and iLike.