Just a few days ago, MC Hammer released a song along with a music video as a diss to rapper Jay-Z. Most fans thought that Jay-Z would not bother to respond to the beef—and they would be right. However, he did have a few words to say about the situation.

Jay-Z spoke with DJ Semtex about the “King” Hammer diss, “Better Run Run”. Jay-Z seemed to be pretty surprised that Hammer reacted the way he did. Jay said that Hammer took his lyrics from “Apalled” the wrong way. In the song Jay-Z talked about Hammer losing his money, and apparently the retired rapper took it to heart—even though Jay-Z is definitely not the first person to talk about MC Hammer’s financial problems.

“I didn’t know that wasn’t on the table for discussion,” Jay-Z laughed in the interview with DJ Semtex, “I didn’t know that was the first time— I didn’t know I was the first person to ever say that… Am I? I mean…I’m not. I know I’ve heard that before, I didn’t think I was the first one to say it. I guess, you know when I say things, I think people believe me so much that they take it a different way.”

Some people were just as puzzled as Jay-Z when they heard that MC Hammer was dissing him in retaliation to commenting on his financial losses. MC Hammer going broke has become so discussed and made fun of over the years that no one would have imagined that the matter was even still a touchy subject for him, especially considering he has never lashed out about it before. Nationwide insurance company even made a commercial about it at one time and they used MC Hammer as the butt of the joke. Perhaps this time he was upset by the fact that it came from Jay-Z. However, Jigga thinks that Hammer just embarrassed himself.

“I said some great things about him in the book I have coming out…I really said some really nice [things], he’s gonna be like, embarrassed,” Jay-Z continued.

Ultimately, just as viewers suspected, we will not be expecting Jay-Z to retaliate to the diss song. We’re not sure if this was the comeback MC Hammer was looking for but he has drawn quite a bit of attention to himself in the process.

New Jay Z Interview Includes Response to MC Hammer Diss Pics 

It’s obvious in the New Jay Z Interview he has no desire to respond to the MC Hammer diss. Why MC hammer Disses Jay Z is reasonable but why keep it going?