Rapper Kanye West seems to have been all over the news lately. News outlets have been flooded by headlines about Kanye’s new album, his film premiere, and the G.O.O.D. Friday leaks. Just last night Kanye revealed the long list of featured artists that will appear on his third single. Kid Cudi will be one of the 11 artist that appear on the new track “All of the Lights”. The song will play during the “Runaway” film which will air on Saturday, October 23rd.

Last night was the screening of Kanye’s upcoming film, “Runaway” It took place in LA and this is where West announced the list of artist features on his next single. However, Kanye West also revealed that he was a bit disappointed and hurt that a few people did not show up to the screening. After the screening he also talked about celebrities in the fashion industry. He criticized the new Lindsay Lohan clothing line and said it is the “9/11 for celebrities doing fashion.”

After being asked about his own clothing line Kanye Replied, “Did you not see the Lindsay Ungaro collection?”

West seemed to be outraged about the line and he explained his comments by saying that the Ungaro line by Lohan has made people “skeptical” of celebs doing fashion. He also said that people look down on celebrities in the fashion industry.

With Kanye’s upcoming album release and the premiere of his 40 minute film I’m sure he will remain in the news just as much as he has been in the last few weeks.

New Kanye West Interview Quote Compares Lindsay Lohan Clothing Line to 9-11 Tragedy Pics 

After this New Kanye West 2010 rumor, the Hip Hop artist hasn’t slowed his pace. A very nice brotha from Chicago, Ill’noise, see him posed above with supermodel Chanel Iman.