Rappers seem to be venturing outside of the box when it comes to endorsement deals. Fans are used to seeing their favorite celebrities starting new fashion lines, frangrances, or shoe lines. However, Ludacris may be joining in on a new trend by starting a new line of headphones. The headphones are called Soul. Other artists such as Diddy, Jay-Z, and Dr. Dre started headphone lines this year as well.

Soul by Ludacris was launched last weekend on October 3, 2010 at an upscale hotel in the ATL. Ludacris took part in the despgin of the new earphones by Atlantic Technology. They feature a sleek style and currently come in black. The new Soul earphones work with iPads, IPods, CD players and HD radio. Atlantic Technology plans on releasing three more models of the earphones and two others with smaller earpieces.

Ludacris talked with TheBoomBox saying, “When I’m in Atlanta, first and foremost I love to see my daughter cause I’m a father also, it’s hard for me to go a good two weeks without really seeing her. But then, you know, I do have a restaurant, so I make sure I go by there and check on things and if I’m at my house, I got a studio there, so I try to knock out as many verses as I can … I get in the studio and do things there. And then, make sure everything is cool at the crib! I got mail to open — that could take a day by itself seeing as though I’m hardly ever home. But you know, Atlanta, it’s a lot going on. I got a lot of properties I gotta check on, all different things man, it’s so much I can’t even remember.”

Ludacris is having great luck in business these days but due to his busy lifestyle he has to find a way to stay focused. The Soul earphones will be available in stores the beginning of 2011.

New Ludacris 2010 Business Venture Launches Soul Headphones Pics 

See above, the New Ludacris pic where you can get a close up on all this diamond hip hop jewelry! Looks like the rapper is heavy on the carats like Bugs Bunny.