The results from T.I.’s hearing are in and it seems that the southern rapper will be facing another 11 months in jail after violating his three year probation.

Though T.I. and his wife “Tiny” were arrested for making an illegal U-turn and drug possession, the Los Angeles District Attorney is not pursuing the drug charges. Since T.I. is already going to be punished with 11 more months in prison just for being arrested (a violation of his probation), but he is getting a break and not being charged for the drugs. However, it may not be a break considering that it has also been reported that the circumstances regarding T.I.’s arrested are suspicious and that there may have been a problem with the “probable cause” leading to his arrest. Also, there was actually no tangible evidence of marijuana aside from the smell. The probable cause in T.I.’s case was quickly questioned by Andrew Young, the rappers mentor. Young spoke with The Associated Press during an interview on October 25th.

“I assume that you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty. If he was driving and smoking marijuana, that is absolutely stupid. But why was he pulled over in the first place? Because he had a Maybach? Because he was black? Because they know who he is and resent his success? We never talked about drugs. Maybe I should have.”

Today it was reported that T.I. will be sent back to prison, to the same facility he was released from just last year, on November 1st.

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