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Coming Soon margin-bottom: 20px; The new Lil Wayne interview in Rolling Stone magazine gives details of the rappers sexual behaviors. A shock to many that might listen to his music, Weezy says going without sex in prison was not the first time missing out. In the first, post-prison interview, Lil Wayne admits abstaining was hard but also that it wasn’t his first time abstaining for a long period.

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“Anyone starts looking good in that b****,” Wayne told Rolling Stone. “Like, ‘Damn, look at her with that uniform on, Mrs Officer!’’ said Lil Wayne about his stay in Rikers.


Lil Wayne mentions in interview that he has had an 8 month sex-less period before, following his music dream. While touring day-in and day-out the rapper said he had no time to deal with a female as his travel schedule was too hectic. The Young Money Records CEO said being deprived of opportunities was his biggest struggle while locked up.

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