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Coming Soon p { New YouTube Music Video “Got a Question,” by artist C.KHiD is being shared across Facebook rapidly. Landing 1,500 views its first week from subscribers, the stress relief anthem is becoming a new favorite, growing in daily views by the hundreds.


“Got a Question is a song fans of my music were buying on iTunes before I promoted the single or album. Whether you’re a fan of Canada Hip Hop, Australia Hip Hop, Russian Rap, or Mexican rap you can feel this. I predict it will be another worldwide hit for me,” spoke C.KHiD on his latest YouTube music video.

Starting the video with a glance of the Greenville, South Carolina’s skyline and a funny dating show spoof, C.KHiD shows the beauty of his home state. Giving performance to his feel good tune “Entertainer,” the Got a Question music video starts at the 2 minute 13 second mark.

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