New YouTube Music Video “Got a Question,” by artist C.KHiD is being shared across Facebook rapidly. Landing 1,500 views its first week from subscribers, the stress relief anthem is becoming a new favorite, growing in daily views by the hundreds.

“Got a Question is a song fans of my music were buying on iTunes before I promoted the single or album. Whether you’re a fan of Canada Hip Hop, Australia Hip Hop, Russian Rap, or Mexican rap you can feel this. I predict it will be another worldwide hit for me,” spoke C.KHiD on his latest YouTube music video.

Starting the video with a glance of the Greenville, South Carolina’s skyline and a funny dating show spoof, C.KHiD shows the beauty of his home state. Giving performance to his feel good tune “Entertainer,” the Got a Question music video starts at the 2 minute 13 second mark.

Got a Question is currently being circulated around 2011 Hip Hop news and video blogs. Currently, the YouTube music video has been pushed solely by fans on Facebook, Google Buzz, and Twitter. Nearly 20 shares has been made daily which may seem like a little to the average consumer, but it’s definitely more than most new music artists get.

“My music’s fans are awesome. We keep it Dreamer Like, celebrating good music, new accomplishments, and life. The Got a Question song talks about everyday issues and the hook motivates you to do something with your life. I can’t see parents or kids not wanting to hear that,” says C.KHiD.

C.KHiD is becoming a global music sensation thanks to YouTube and select Hip Hop blogs support. Also engaging in ownership of his own media network, he has been labeled a Hip Hop Mogul in his hometown’s mainstream media. Selling over 500 releases on iTunes each month in the Hip Hop 2011 year, C.KHiD is sure to be a major player in online entertainment soon.

New Hip Hop Video, Got a Question, Shared Across FaceBook by C.KHiD Fans Pics 

Above watch the C.KHiD Got a Question Video, now available on Youtube. Download the single “Got a Question” and ‘Entertainer’ on iTunes. 

Above see a new photo of rapper C.KHiD from a new press photo shoot.