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Coming Soon New Jay Z and Kanye West album “Watch the Throne” is on the way in this New Music 2011 era. The Roc Nation and GOOD music bosses have begun releasing singles from the project already, creating much buzz on-line. As hype mounts on the New Jay Z Kanye West album, it seems Young Money music artist Drake does not want to Watch the Throne release.

“We’ve done a great song … and then we’re going to do another one, and another one. We still got to do that album. I heard some other guys are coming out with an album, too. There’s two other rappers that are coming out with an album together. … I don’t know where they got that idea but …,” said Drake during a Tim Westood Interview.

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A new Lil Wayne and Drake album has been in the talks since last year, gearing the dynamic duo up for the Hip Hop 2011 cycle. However, it seems the two have not tried to generate as much hype around the project and Jay Z and Kanye West.

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