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Coming Soon color: #3282e6; South Carolina rappers are gaining popularity. The leader of the pack, C.KHiD, is also leading the new music 2011 web era. Dominating YouTube with nearly one half million views monthly, the entertainer C.KHiD is becoming a household name and his hometown took notice. Greenville, South Carolina’s LINK magazine has honored C.KHiD as cover story of today’s January 18th issue.

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“I feel blessed to get this opportunity. There is a lot of rappers and music groups working hard here from Ricky Prince to Lions of Zion. For me to be the first Hip Hop music artist to cover LINK, it feels good. I just want to keep doing more new rap songs in 2011, bigger than ever,” said C.KHiD of LINK Magazine’s featuring him.

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LINK Magazine not only featured C.KHiD on the cover of the magazine, but gave a visual story of what his life is like. LINK’s award-winning photographer Mykal McEldowney followed the new music artist and budding mogul for various events normal to business. Also, C.KHiD was photographed at landmark locations around his home region, Mauldin.

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Above see the new  C.KHiD Got a Question Video, just launched in celebration of the LINK Magazine issue. It’s already being circulated across various blog outlets. 

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