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Coming Soon New Rocawear clothing owners Iconix Brand has decided to focus on brand development in Shanghai, China. Without Jay Z on the set, a new concept store was launched that is different from any previously kept Rocawear clothing store to date.

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“This Rocawear Clothing concept store is bringing the brand into the Japanese streetwear market I would say. The brand has begun floating away from the Hip Hop clothing title and more towards streetwear clothing and boutique lifestyle, this being icing on the cake for presentation,” spoke new rap artist C.KHiD about the Rocawear store’s launch.


The new Rocawear clothing store in Shanghai is a 200 metre concept store which was based on a night club theme. The shop was built to display American culture with glittery decorative orbs, bright color LED bar table, new Hip Hop and pop music playing, and more.

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