New Wiz Khalifa videos on YouTube are taking aim at reality TV according to Internet blogs. The Pittsburgh, PA rap sensation that started the Hip Hop 2011 cycle really well, went viral moments after the last “DayToday” video series launch and he’s got more to share.

“Wiz, Will, and Taylor Gang are geniuses in the new age of artists. They are reinventing the way music is being formulated and a reality TV show probably will mount from this. He has the top hip hop songs 2011 released right now with the Black and Yellow mixes. MTV, VH1, or someone else doing a Wiz Khalifa reality TV show series would be no surprise,” spoke C.KHiD of new Wiz Khalifa videos.

Growing rapidly in subscription count, the Wiz Khalifa YouTube channel has become one of the most popular amongst US musicians. Increasing in subscribers daily, the official Wiz Khalifa YouTube has over 100,000 subscribers. Over 56 million views have been made to all videos. Wiz Khalifa music video “Ink My Whole Body” is the most viewed video on the channel at nearly 8 million views.

New Episodes of Wiz Khalifa’s DayToday series will be launched randomly on his YouTube. So far 6 episodes have been released from his Season 3 collection, including “Waken Baken” and “How to Roll a Blunt.” Other seasons include “DayToday” and “DayToday Season 2.”

New Wiz Khalifa DayToday Season 3 Videos Going to Get Sum Reality TV Money Pics 

Wiz Khalifa DayToday episode footage above showcases the Black & Yellow songwriter engaged in medicinal marijuana. One of his favorite hobbies is taking off with the ‘planes’ as Wiz calls it.