Last weekend, Sean John held a special event at the Macy’s department store in the Aventura Mall of Miami, Florida. Rapper Rick Ross made a surprise appearance at the event. His entrance was delayed because he was stopped by the press for questions but when he appeared on the scene, fans went wild.

Rick Ross was born in Mississippi but he grew up in Miami and proudly reps the 305. He is managed by Sean “Diddy” Combs and he appeared at the event, taking pictures with customers who were shopping the Sean John clothing and fragrances in Macy’s.

When asked about his connections with Miami and how the city influenced that person he has become today he replied saying, “When I was a kid, I remember taking my lunch money and walking up to Miami Gardens Drive to the Carol Mart/183rd Flea Market and this was around the time that Luther Campbell was big. When I was a kid, it wasn’t even necessarily the music or the message that Luke was sending but it was the fact the he was an owner, he was an executive and that is what caught my attention. When I was at the flea market and would pick up a record and flip it around back, 99.9% of the time it would say New York, New York. So when I got a Luke record for the first time and it said Miami, Florida with the 305 area code it really inspired me that maybe I could make my own music one day.”

Rick Ross, who is now thirty-four, seems to have a few big projects planned for the near future including a collab with Diddy on an upcoming EP sometime next year. Since the rapper was the face of Sean John for the Macy’s event he also talked a little bit about what he liked about the Sean John collection.

“I think its so simple but at the same time being arrogant. When you think of Sean John you think of the best, one of the best moguls in the history of music but at the same time you think of a clothing brand that everyone can wear”

Rick Ross to Model New Sean John Clothing Pics 

Rick Ross Sean John Clothing career has began. The Miami, Florida born rapper is going to be the official face of New Sean John clothing campaigns. Rick Ross will be the focos of brand’s print ads and live showcases.