2011 NBA All-star ballots seemed to confirm one thing to the world. That one fact is that Los Angeles will make sure Los Angeles players win some awards. As the NBA basketball weekend wraps up, Blake Griffin, Kobe Bryant, and the West Coast team win almost everything.

“The NBA game was great. Kobe Bryant definitely showed that he is still THAT DUDE! in the NBA. He came in with that Black Mamba venom leaking through the Nike sneakers. Blake Griffin winning the dunk contest was not so realistic to me but he’s still a great athlete,” spoke quickly rising iTunes music artist, C.KHiD on the All-Star games.

The 2011 NBA All-Star Game and competitions winners are as follows:
– West Coast defeated East Coast
– Kobe Bryant 2011 NBA All-Star Game MVP
– Blake Griffin 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Champion
– James Jones 2011 NBA 3 Point Shoot Out Champion
– Stephen Curry 2011 NBA Skills Challenge Champion
– Atlanta Hawks, 2011 NBA Shooting Stars Champion

As millions of viewers watched the 2011 NBA All-star Game worldwide, it was a great show and very entertaining. This year’s dunk contest was one of the most amazing . Recaps of the dunk contest can be found below on CKHID.com

The unexpected upset this year was obviously the 2011 NBA 3 Point shoot out champion. After a stellar 2nd round, all-time 3 Point leader , Ray Allen lost out to Miami’s James Jones. Losing his usual touch in the last few racks of the shoot out, Posey benefited well from being able to shot earlier in competition. With no pressure early on, the Miami 3 point shooter put heat on Ray Allen who had to shoot last and keep up.

Scores of fans worldwide talked about the 2011 NBA Dunk Contest. Becoming a twitter trending topic and popular status on Facebook, many felt 7 footer JaVale McGee should have won the competition.

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2011 NBA All-Star Dominated by Los Angeles Blake Griffen and Kobe Bryant Pics 

Above see a clip of NBA dunk contest where Blake Griffen put his arm in rim of basketball goal. 

Above see a clip of NBA dunk contest where Javale McGee dunks 2 balls into two separate tweleve foot high basketball goals. 

Above see a clip of NBA dunk contest where Blake Griffen jumps over a car hood ( KIA Optima). 

Above see a clip of NBA dunk contest where Serge Ibaka dunks from the basketball free throw line. 

Above see an image capture from episode 1 of C.KHiD talking and holding his ‘blue book’ topics guide.