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font-size: 21px; Rapper 50 Cent has caught some press in the UK recently for a comment about wanting children. Known for his witty comedy and sarcasm, the rapper recently was quoted by UK blog “Celebs Mirror” as saying he wanted to be free of Baby Mama drama but rich with a child’s love.

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Coming Soon According to Mirror.co.Uk, 50 Cent Said “I want a baby. I just don’t want a baby’s momma. HELP WANTED! This job pays well, with benefits.”

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An instant vacation from your day reading comedy like this, it’s no surprise 50 Cent has nearly 4 million twitter followers. As he continuosly pumps life into the entertainment world, Fiddy’s become one of the most charming personalities of his generation.


“After you have my baby, I don’t want to see your face again,” continued 50 Cent in his sarcastic mode.

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