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.lead { The Carmello Anthony trade has been of much speculation this week. NBA blogs, fans, and sports shows have all discussed various rumors trying to forecast Anthony’s direction. However, trade rumors are being silenced one by once as everyone eyes the New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Lakers as final bidders.

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“Wherever Carmello goes will be major. If he does go to the Los Angeles Lakers or New York Knicks it sill instantly create a NBA Championship competitor. I think him going back to New York would be interesting because he won his college Championships with Syracuse not far from the Knicks,” spoke new Hip Hop music artist and iTunes sensation C.KHiD.

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Coming Soon Carmello Anthony Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors were triggered by an ESPN sports talk investigator and reporter. That reporter said he heard rumors that for a Los Angeles Lakers Carmello Anthony deal, Andrew Bynum would have to be sent to Denver. However, the Lakers Staff announced today they would not move Andrew Bynum in any deal.

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For a New York Knicks Carmello Anthony deal, the Nuggets would have to get Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari or Landy Fields, and more. However, the Knicks Donnie Walsh is not budging on his trade offers which do not include Gallinari or Fields.


Other talks of a Carmello Anthony trade have included the Chicago Bulls and New Jersey Nets. However, at this point, it’s more likely Carmello Anthony signs an extension with the Denver Nuggets, where he is the franchise player.

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