Free Rap Beats were a neccessary resource of every rap star at one point. Whether speaking of Jay Z, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Mac Miller, or C.KHiD, each used free instrumentals in early career stages. New Hip Hop super-site,, has launched a ‘Free Rap Beats’ resource to help upcoming talent get their jumpstarst.

“I talked with my producers and told them lets become the spot for hot, free Rap beats. They agreed and now rappers can have a quality controlled source for free Hip Hop instrumentals,” said C.KHiD on the website section.

CKHID, which stands for “Cannot Kill How I’m Dreaming,” is a website dedicated to the new Hip Hop culture and coming generations of rap music. Official site of YouTube sensation C.KHiD, the artist has become a leader of the “New Hip Hop” and “Dream Team” movements which celebrates pushing forward with your passions and sharing resources to get there.

Hip Hop producers Dres’more Beats, BraveStarr Beats, DJ864, and Gue Beatz have agreed to post free rap beats on the CKHID website. Over 250,000 impressions are made to the website monthly. C.KHiD claims the consistency of updates, exclusive information and media, and his own Hip Hop music fans keep the website growing.

“A lot know about me and It’s sure to grow as I add these new resources. Digital entertainment has been my career since 17. I hope I can share resources to fast forward other new Hip Hop music talent,” continued C.KHiD.

Visit today for free rap beats. Also download free New Hip Hop songs from popular mainstream and Internet rappers.

Free Rap Beats Section Added to Hip Hop Blog Pics 

Above see an image of C.KHiD in Ybor City, Florida outside Tampa. He races on rails against Camera manfor his video shoot. It was almost an epic failsituation. 

Above is producer Carloz Paez of Beats. Formerly known as producer “LOS Beats” on Soundclick.