Kanye West shows his appreciation for those involved in his success in major ways. This past weekend, the GOOD Music President, gave a live concert to the daughter of George Condo, designer of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album cover. Hired for the one night, the Kanye West show was a night to remember.

“Its always amazing when an artist performs for a kid’s birthday party. Im sure Condo’s daughter is the envy of her friends now and thinks her dad is the greatest. If music can do all that, it’s great,” spoke new music artist C.KHiD on West’s Sweet 16 party performance.

Kanye West was hired for the one-time event by George Condo through privy ties. The well known artist was the designer of West’s album cover for “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” which got rave reviews. Kanye was also a huge fan of the artwork personally, showing it off on twitter as soon as he could.

This invite onl Sweet 16 party took place Saturday, January 29th at the Standard Hotel in New York City. Guests at the event were extremely surprised by the Kanye West appearance according to sources on-line. Songs performed by Kanye west not reported.

Kanye West has two albums coming later in the Rap 2011 cycle.

Kanye West Headlines Sweet 16 Party for Daughter of George Condo Pics 

Above is a picture of Kanye West & George Condo (MTV Photos) togethor. Condo designed Kanye West’s latest album cover.