New Game Songs won’t be talking about jewelry so much we presume. It seems the Los Angeles, CA rap star has lost love for the diamonds, gold, and platinum. However, the Black Wall Street President was ordered by a judge to pay his last $90,999 bill with Lemmerman Jewelry.

“It’s news but we all know the Game can pay for this jewelry. The bill will get paid and Game will be back at the Lakers games calling out for Kobe Bryant. Blogs these days will post you’re broke if you try to enjoy a freeze pop in the public eye,” said new music artist C.KHiD about the Game’s jewelry bill news.

Last week was the official judgement ordering rapper Game to pay his bill of $90,999.TMZ posted the original Lemmerman’s Incorporated complaint filed in 2010. Items listed are as follows:

  • a 14K white gold 36″ chain with white stones for $15,000
  • a 14K yellow gold 36″ chain with yellow stones for $15,000
  • a diamond stud for $4,000
  • a 14K white gold 5-row bracelet for $17,500
  • a 14K yellow gold 5-row bracelet for $17,500
  • two other gold pieces for $30,000

According to detail, the Game paid a large portion of this bill long ago. However, he left a large sum unpaid which has collected a large sum of interest since no further payments were made. The store keeps an image of the Black Wall Street chain designed for the Game up for viewing on there facebook fanpage.

Lemmerman jewelry is a well known custom jewelry designer. The jeweler has made custom jewelry for the likes of NFL Player Chad Ochocinco, Game, and other A-list celebs.

New Game Songs were just released on his “Purp and Patron” mixtape which have gotten rave reviews from fans and music icons like Nas. Game and DJ Skee are working on a music video for “The Kill,” a favorite of many.

New Game Songs Cause Rapper To Forget Lemmerman Jewelry Bill Pics 

Above is the New Game mixtape Purp and Patron album cover.