New Waka Flocka music news headlines have emerged. The Atlanta, GA rapper who made bank off his first hit “O Lets Do It” nearly 2 years ago, had his tour bus shot up. While at a stereo shop in Charlotte, North Carolina his tour bus was fired on and hit four times by multiple men.

“The Carolinas are my home. South and North Carolina I roam known faithfully. Why its shot up, nobody is speaking on. However, we show love to a lot of artists here. We just hope everybody is OK and whatever issue caused this is resolved and our states don’t loOK bad,” spOKe rapper C.KHiD on the tour bus shooting.

Not standing in the line of fire helpless, this Waka Flocka shooting was different from his last. Having an estimated 12 security team members on deck, the crew fired back shots at the attackers injuring one.

Kali Bowyer, Waka Flocka’s publicity spOKe on the matter. “Security followed appropriate protocol and returned fire. Waka is fine and so is his team, they had nothing to do with the situation. This was an isolated incident and the tour bus just happened to be caught in the middle of it.”

Waka Flocka Flame’s tour bus stopped for stereo installation before the shooting began. According to witnesses, the event happened unwarranted. What Waka Flocka was doing during the time of the shooting is not known but he is said to be OKay and thankful no one was hurt.

New Waka Flocka Shooting as Rapper’s Gang Sat In Charlotte, North Carolina Pics 

Above are photos from the Waka Flocka Shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Above are photos from shooting as well. See cop cars filled the area, investigating the shooting. 

More photos of Waka Flocka Shooting scene. 

Above is a news report of what happened with North Carolina rappers shooting. 

Above is a news report of what happened with North Carolina rappers shooting.