YouTube shows are on the rise today. As the Telly awards plans to recognize some of today’s top digital entertainment stars, one act has a hot new series to share. Rapper C.KHiD has begun connecting with fans with “No More Suckers” YouTube shows, a social advice series.

“No More Suckers is just about discussing social habits that are totally stupid. We all do dumb things, so I’m not above anyone, but too many people are stuck on stupid. Hopefully my show will help some people wake up and have a laugh while at it,” spoke C.KHiD on his new YouTube shows.

No More Suckers episodes will be aired on twice per week. Between working on new album “Black Box Dreams 5: G.O.A.L.S.” and free mixtape “Jacked 111 Volume 3,” the rapper will broadcast live from his 3 story condo.

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YouTube Shows: No More Suckers Episode 1 Talks Easy Sex and Facebook Flirts Pics 

C.KHiD “No More Suckers” Episode 1 is shown above. Click play to watch the YouTube show. 

Above see an image capture from episode 1 of C.KHiD talking and holding his ‘blue book’ topics guide.