New Wiz Khalifa album Rolling Papers has finally had details break into the public light. After the huge success of hot new hip hop song “Black and Yellow” Wiz finally talked to Rolling Stone magazine about the album. Everyone can download the new Wiz Khalifa album Rolling Papers March 29th.

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“It’s gonna be a great collection of my latest, greatest music,” Wiz said to Rolling Stone magazine. “So everything is brand new, the subject matter is brand new, the music is brand new. So you’re just gonna get to hear the newest version of me.”

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3. Black And Yellow 4. Roll Up 5. Hopes & Dreams 6. Wake Up

7. The Race 8. Star Of The Show (feat. Chevy Woods) 9. No Sleep 10. Get Your S*** 11. Top Floor 12. Fly Solo 13. Rooftops (feat. Curren$y)

14. Cameras

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background-color: #eee; Fans can also download New Wiz Khalifa album Rolling Papers’ artwork below.

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March 15

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March 15

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March 15


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Download New Wiz Khalifa Album Rolling Papers Online at iTunes March 29 Pics 

Above is a photo of Wiz Khalifa smiling for the camera. The Pittsburgh emcee has used his smile as one of his best marekting tools. 

Above is a Wiz Khalifa photo where he poses distinguished in a designer suit, rolling papers in hand. 

Above is a Wiz Khalifa pic where he stands on a corner of a street. Reminds you of something from an urban Vanity fair magazine. 


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Above is the YouTube Music Video “Roll Up” by Wiz Khalifa