Dwight Howard’s “pause” momemnt after Andrew Bynum statement is going viral. The Orlando Magic superstar used said pause to a reporter after stating Andrew Bynum was very long with a laugh. Now the video has become an internet sensation as the comedic Hip Hop slang reference was caught by millions of NBA basketball fans.

“Well you know, I just tried to use my quickness and my speed against him..You know.. he’s very long… Pause…ughh.. Down in the paint,” said Dwight Howard to a reporter.

The word ‘pause,’ which Dwight Howard used is not that of the webster’s vocabulary list. “Pause” in urban culture is a Hip Hop slang which basically clarifies that the previous statement was not meant in a sexual way. Howard, who has got a great sense of humor, said ‘pause’ to probably make sure other Orlando Magic basketball players couldn’t make him the butt of their fun jokes (pause) in the locker room.

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Dwight Howard Pause Comment Post Bynum Talks Goes Youtube Viral Pics 

Above see a capture of Dwight Howard right after saying “Pause” in the NBA Interivew; Dwight wanted to laugh. 

Above see the video of Dwight Howard saying Pause to NBA interview host.