New Hip Hop Death news stories are becoming a regular part of the news headlines in recent years. Since the death ofo the Notrious BIG and 2pac Shakur, efforts have been made to stop violence but it seems Hip Hop culture will remain plagued. Early Sunday morning, one more Hip Hop culture icon was gunned down in New York City, a popular BET 106 & Park tv show participant, DJ Megatron.

“I’m still shocked that somebody killed him,” said a friend of DJ Megatron. “I can’t even understand why. It could be somebody that he didn’t even know. At that time of the night people do all kinds of crazy things.”

Known by friends as a good guy who made an honest living as a Hip Hop DJ, Megatron is being morned by those that knew him. A Hot 97 radio DJ two years prior and working on BET tv network’s 106 & Park frequently, he is one of the more popular DJs of New York City. Many rappers would always goto DJ Megatron for record spins hoping he could help spark their dream of a major rap career. turntables available.

At the time of press, no suspects were known in the DJ Megatron case. No witnesses were around as he was gunned done in the early hours of the morning. Recently moving into a new house and celebrating birth of a 3rd child with his long-time girlfriend, Megatron is said to have barely known his neighbors in the Clifton section of Long Island. turntables available.

DJ Megatron’s death comes after a slew of other Hip Hop entertainers in recent years. New York City rappers Mike Beck and G Baby, alongside Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Nussie ( Terry Body ), are just 3 examples of Hip Hop culture’s loss in recent years.

Rest in Peace DJ Megatron, he is sure to be spinning records in the afterlife if there are turntables available.

New Hip Hop Death: DJ Megatron Killed in New York City Pics 

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