New Lil Wayne album Tha Carter IV ( Tha Carter 4 ) is on the way. Dropping the bomb on Hip Hop this summer on other rappers, if an artist’s release date was May it might now change. The Lil Wayne 2011 album release will be May 16th according to the rapper himself.

“May 16, believe that,” Wayne said said to MTV video host Sway, during an interivew. “It can come out tomorrow ’cause I’m so finished … Tha Carter IV will be dropping May 16. If you’re not doing anything, do me.”

The release of the new Lil Wayne album comes at the head of his “I Am Music II” tour. One hip hop tour fans will not want to miss, more new Young Money talent is sure to be showcased as rapper’s Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Shanell, Corey Gunz, and others are coming into their own careers.

Established Young Money artists are also said to be joining the tour. Nicki Minaj is definitely on board as part of the show, while reports do not yet mention Toronto rapper Drake. However, as much as ever new Lil Wayne event generally finds Drake in the mix, fans can count on seeing the former television star promoting Thank Me Later.

“Tha Carter IV is done,” Lil Wayne continued in the interview about his new album. “All they need to do is tell [manager Cortez Bryant] to stop sitting on it. Tez, stop sitting on Tha Carter IV and put the album out.”

The Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV tracklisting has not been released, nor the album cover. However, reports have been given that Young Money gang front-runners, Nicki Minaj and Drake are on the album.

Visit iTunes or run to your local record store on Tha Carter IV release date: May 16th.

New Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV (Carter 4) Rap Album Release Date May 16 Pics 

Above is a fan generated ‘Tha Carter IV’ album leak cover. An interesting piece of artwork non the less, it is not the official Carter 4 cover. 

Above is a photo capture of Lil Wayne from the ‘6 foot 7 foot’ music video. View more here: new lil wayne pics