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New rap video “Looking for the One 2011” was released by C.KHiD on YouTube this weekend. Part of 10 YouTube music videos he’s launching week to promote new Hip Hop album ‘Black Box Dreams 5: GOALS’, he’s taking Hip Hop back in time. The song itself is on free rap mixtape “jacked 111 volume 3”, is a free glance at the entertainers lively persona and major music talent.

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“Looking for the One, I actually did not hear this song growing up” says C.KHiD on the new Fresh Prince song remix. “When I found it on YouTube I was super impressed. I’m a fan of the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. I liked how Will Smith took a shot at the fake thugs in rap in his video too.. pure comedy.”

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Coming Soon Not renting boats and throwing parties for his video as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince did, C.KHiD’s video takes place in one of the 3 master bedrooms in his ‘modest’ home. An independent Hip Hop artist, he has made a big name for himself online. C.KHiD generated over 7 million YouTube views creating YouTube music video mini-clips, fueled by the rapper’s charisma usually vs props.


Watch the “Looking For the One 2011” music video below. If it were original, it would be one of the top new rap songs April 2011 released for sure.

Subscribe to C.KHiD on YouTube at: http://www.YouTube.com/CKHiD . Download new album “Black Box Dreams 5: GOALS” on iTunes by searching for “C.KHiD”.

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Above is a photo of rapper C.KHiD. 

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