Move Over Major Record labels, independent artists are becoming top sellers on iTunes today. New music artist Rebecca Black is living proof independent careers are more possible than ever. Recently going viral with a $2000 music video shot in California, her single “Friday” is going to earn over $1 million dollars thanks to her innocence.

Catching a lot of press on new music and entertainment blogs, Rebecca Black is having a wonderful Friday today. The young music artist has gotten the last laugh at jesters online, earning more than most her naysayers in less than 1 month. The California teen is sure to be using Charlie Sheen’s quote ‘Winning’ a lot from now on as her single “Friday” struck multi-platinum figures today.

“Rebecca Black is raw talent. She had a very good song that captured an everyday situation teens can relate to. She’s the everyday kid with no Diddy training camp or person in her right ear saying be sexy, be dirty. She’s just young and fun. I congratulate Rebecca Black’s success with new song Friday,” spoke C.KHiD, another iTunes selling music artist, on the Friday single’s success.

Rebecca Black “Friday” YouTube music video has over 44 million views to date. According to iTunes, the song itself has sold over 2 million units, making her one of the hottest selling artists today. The only artists to strike double platinum in single sales lately is Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, and Wiz Khalifa who she tops individually in daily averages on video views.

“Rebecca Black’s not proof reaching for the stars can change your life, especially in this digital age” continued C.KHiD.

Watch The “Friday” YouTube music video below and expect New Rebecca Black songs of 2011 to create much more controversy as the teen has projected into the stars.

New Rebecca Black Songs on Way As Friday Tops 2 Million Song Sales Pics 

Above is the new Rebecca Black Friday Music video. “7 Am Waking Up in The Morning, Gotta Be Fresh,” the first line obviously has some Hip Hop influence. Rebecca scores points with Hip Hop culture for that. 

Above is a photo of platinum song artist Rebecca Black. She is writer of the hit song “Friday” with more new music on the way.