Rip Them Clothes off, one of the top Hip Hop Songs 2011 released by South Carolina rappers has finally debuted on YouTube. A single by rapper Cris Coke, the new music video is a great debut for the record-breaking DJ and Hip Hop music artist. Featuring rap group the PartyStarz and Hip Hop model Shawna Michelle, Rip Them Clothes off is one of the club hit songs of 2011 for sure.

“Rip Them Clothes off is a club banger. Cris Coke and the PartyStarz are definitely two of the dopest rap acts in South Carolina. It was shot by the crew and features one of today’s most popular names amongst digital Hip Hop models, Shawnna Michelle” spoke CKHiD founder, Rod Rainey.

The new “Rip Them Clothes Off” Hip Hop video launched officially on YouTube Friday. Hoping to hop on the viral wave that’s helped such projects as Rebecca Black “Friday” and Wiz Khalifa “This Plane”, Cris Coke is teaming with to help forward the South Carolina music movement.

“The video is insane and sure to take off. I plan to hit the road and go on a grassroots DVD tour to help push the project and do whatever I can to grow,” said Cris Coke of the Rip Them Clothes off video.

Download “Rip them Clothes off” on iTunes. The new rap song is included on “The PartyStarz” album. The single ‘Drinks on Ice’ will be on Cris Coke’s debut album, which lists on iTunes next week via Tunecore.

Visit the official Cris Coke Youtube channel at:

Top Hip Hop songs 2011 Playlist Update: Cris Coke – Rip Them Clothes Off Pics 

Above see a photo of DJ Cris Coke (center) and The PartyStarz’ Feeva ( Left ) and Hollywood ( Right ) 

Above is the Rip Them Clothes Off Music Video by Cris Coke ft. The PartyStaz