YouTube Music Videos are taking over. Acts Justin Bieber, Alexis Jordan, and Esmee Denters prove this fact. If you haven’t heard of rapper C.KHiD, well predictions and numbers make him a million dollar baby.

“Holllllly sh—t man this is f–king awesome dude!!! Liked, Faved, hared!!!! ” wrote user bestkidguy96 on the Yeah Yeah music video 1 week ago. Fans enthusiatically pour in comments like this daily.

Receiving between 5000 and 7000 plays per day the past two weeks, C.KHiD’s YouTube music video “Yeah Yeah” is scoring major attention and sales. Headed towards 1 million views faster than any other C.KHiD video thus far, the rapper hope’s the single will produces his first “YouTube Platinum” success.

“To achieve 1 million views on 1 YouTube music video is an achievement to me. Most can’t do that because YouTube checks authenticity of views and bans frauds. I have never cheated to get my views and my only gimmick was to say something I know people around my age down to high school can feel,” spoke C.KHiD on the Yeah Yeah music video.

If the “Yeah Yeah” Hip hop video were to continue at its current rate of growth, it would charts approximately 2.5 million views. As fans pass the music video around on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other outlets, it could to even larger growth.

Paid for the music videos and acting skits, C.KHiD could be considered a “YouTube Records” act. Considering himself an unsigned and independent act at the moment, he has recorded over 400,000 ringtone and mp3 downloads in slightly over 1 year.

Watch the “Yeah Yeah” music video by searching for “C KHiD Yeah Yeah” on YouTube or Google.

YouTube Music Videos Taking Over, Yeah Yeah Rap Video Nears 1 Million Views Pics 

Above see a photo cut from the youtube music video “Yeah Yeah” 

Above is Yeah Yeah music video by C.KHiD. It has grown to 433,646 views as of March 5th, 2010. 

Above is video footage from behind the scenes of the Yeah Yeah music video. It is no longer seen as an attached video to the youtube Music video as many others have submitted reply videos.