Drake rips out Chris Brown's heart with Snake break-dance move

Drake rips out Chris Brown’s heart with Snake break-dance move

The new Chris Brown “No Guidance” music video (seen here) was just released in the last few days. The viral R&B video has already hit over 20-million views and likely to touch closer to 30 million views by the 1st of August. While Chris Brown lets his ‘drip’ go heavy in the video, changing the swag to something retro, Drake kept it pretty simple. Though these facts were clear, if you are not a Urban culture & music history buff, there are a few things you may have missed. Once you get past the fact Breezy drags Drake in the dance off, here are 3 things you need to pay homage to.

  1. Yes, Drizzy got burned by CB but the Toronto singer/rapper actually has moves. The snake dance he showed off actually requires some basic talent & practice. The particular break-dance step originated from street b-boys in the 1970s or 1980s. See the video below the story to learn.
  2. Did you notice Chris Brown’s hairstyle and choice of wardrobe was lavishly different? Well that is because it’s obvious he or his stylist is heavily in tune with the late, great music genius “Prince” aka “artist formerly known as Prince.” . The hair, a silk button-down shirt, and bandanna all seem to take inspiration from the Minnesota Rock-N-Roll Hall of Famer.
  3. Though they joke at the end about ‘light skin brothers gotta stick together,’ Chris Breezy is VERY dedicated to representing all shades of Black culture in his videos. In today’s videos where many artists, especially Latino markets literally copying American Hip-Hop culture, seem to live for the concept ‘whiter is righter.’ Dark and light skin dancers, models, children, and more are sprinkled throughout the video for a diverse inclusion of all shades of Black culture.

There are more things anyone can take notice of in the video, but these are 3 that stood out. Be sure to watch the ‘No Guidance‘ music video here on CKHiD.com, over on the rap videos page: see here.