Kids walks over Nipsey Hussle Basketball Court mural n Crenshaw-Los Angeles, California

Kids walks over Nipsey Hussle Basketball Court mural n Crenshaw-Los Angeles, California

Welcome to the editorial column of me, C.KHiD. I like to talk about music with fans and visitors of my blog and social media. It is always going to be a sad thing for me to have to talk or write about the life of Nipsey Hussle. If you had not seen on my instagram, i was in his ‘Nayborhood’ in 2013, when his shop was just beginning. I was such a fan of his words-work that I had to ‘checc him out’ and see if people from his community could identify his work as truth. What i found out, his community loved him and they could relate to all the words he spoke. Nipsey Hussle was a true talent who could articulate things the community wanted to say, while at the same time delivering a message they could digest and use to grow in life. Few rappers can do this in history.

In light of the passing of Nipsey Hussle in 2019, I just want to share 6 songs I keep on repeat when riding. Why do I do this? Nip’s music tends to remind anyone on their grind of all the pitfalls one can come into and to stay strong when facing them.


6 Jewels Dropped By The Los Angeles’ Legend:


  1. Having the strength to leave Hoes alone
    • This goes for men or women, leave people who are focused on having relations with tons of people alone. Those people who put all their time into that, can’t be focused on building a talent at the same time. Therefore all they will do to you, is take from you. The song “blessings” professes this but also shows how the Crenshaw rapper believed music was sacred & spiritual.

  2. Don’t relate to fake people. Keep it 100!
    • Most people refuse to stick to reality in life. “Respect the Game” and “Pay your dues” to it. Don’t make excuses for lies. Dont participate in facades to soften our harsh reality. Many people escape reality & instead prefer to make excuses for other people and what’s going on around them. This is done o feel comfortable about the wrong going on. This is called ‘radical acceptance.’ Accept reality and live life to make progressive moves, even when it requires you to cut off something or someone doing bad (on purpose), that you care about.

  3. People learn you to hurt you!
    • An easy jewel on the song “Blessings” [listen here]. Simply remember, people will naturally learn all your flaws as your relationship grows. Then if you ever fall out, that former friend or family member will use them to an advantage in any moment of war.

  4. Choose your words wisely
    • Young Thundacat aka Nipsey really knew the importance and value of words. If you listen to his songs “That’s How I Knew” and “Victory Lap,” along with so many others, you can really see he chose his words extremely carefully. He also was very careful to pronounce and emphasize words that referred to his continuing a successful path.

  5. Do It for You, Not others
    • On the song ‘Bigger Than life‘ did you catch these lyrics:  “I dont want your love / It’s not why I make music / I owe myself, I told myself back then that I would do this”Definitely do not let such lines go over your head.  Nipsey’s motivation was totally from within so his fulfillment was not changed by the opinions of others nor their perceptions.  If one feels whole on the inside with what they are doing and comfortable being lone, that in itself will produce greatness in 99% of cases.  And avoid fulfillment in material objects as well.  Nip also notates how that’s an illussion in this same song, BTL.

  6. Dont be afraid to be imperfect

    • Nipsey constantly reminded listeners that if you’re always talking about your victories, never your successes, you’re a fool.    People resonate with those who are open with their truths. Remember this fact whenver you are attempting to build a team or project of grand stature.


Now you are aware of a few jewels the young legend dropped before his death on March 31st, 2019. If you are a hustler trying to make your way into business and success of any sort, you can undoubtedly listen to a few of his songs. I hope i can help and inspire others by sharing this music.

During my music career, the moniker ‘C.KHiD’ came from “Carolina Kyd” but C.K.H.i.D. came from “Cannot Kill how Im Dreaming.” My first hit, “ I Want This world, ” is what blew me up to another level. The goal of my entire career was to motivate people so being in a similar lane in that manor, I hope to continue pushing inspiring things to my site visitors and music.


Top 6 Nipsey Hustle Songs That Motivate the Hustler In You:


  1. That’s How I Knew–TuQ

    • Why Chosen: Simply put, this is a song of self-encouragement and confidence.  When you stand out and pursue your goals, people will say you’re a weirdo because you do not follow the common path everyone else is used to. You might not go to the club and drink all your life away. You may not smoke heavy as your peers.   You might dress bummy becuase you’re focused and investing on your goals.  All these things are signs that you’re on the path to greatness and that is why Nipsey wrote, “Thats How I Knew.”  He knew all his weird & different tendencies were actually his strengths to rise to heights others could never fathom.  Nor would they understand because they did not have the gift of vision, logic, and planning.

  2. Stucc In my Grind / Grindin All My Life

    • Why Chosen:   This is purely grind music.    It tells you the day to day of a true hustler. Stuck inside the loop until you get rich.    Put in work daily , with all the energy you have. Get ‘stuck in the grind’ until you come up.

  3. Hussle & Motivate

    • Why chosen: If unaware, this track is a sample that had to be approved by Jay-Z for use. It utilizes a part of Jigga’s first crossover track, ‘Hard Knock Life,’ which is now available to rapper because of the contract terms he finessed. It originally comes from the American musical ‘Annie,’ a huge live stage play.   The familiar sound may have overwhelmed many at first but now if you listen to it again, the lyrics should have much more value.

  4. Ocean Views

    • Why chosen:  Small circle, it’s a chosen few, says Nipsey on the chorus.    The verses hit a lot of keypoints about the struggles of rising into success.  Also, Ocean Views lightly covers the fruits of labor.  “I dont know about hell, I dont know about heaven / what i know about is right now,” a very high powered rap line to digest on your grind.  Lots of people will influence you with things they have been taught to believe. Belief in self is everything if connected to God.

  5. Bigger Than Life

    • Why Chosen:  The message in this song is deep.  Nipsey shared many of his greatest vulnerabilities emotionally on this track.    Listen closely, explanation is not needed to anyone who’s been through or currently in the process of chasing their Dreams.  The feeling of being ‘alone’ is an illusion.  The Power of God is unrivaled.

  6. Overtime

    • Why Chosen:  Simply put,  Nipsey drops a lot of dope quotes in this.  How to handle opportunity correctly, noticing how fake the world is, and having so much belief in himself he can change the world.   A lot of self-confidence builders in this song, just take a listen. If you cannot relate to this tune, you’re not in tune with self.

In closing, I’d like to wish Nipsey Hussle a Happy Birthday, from the physical world. When he was killed, the energy of his soul was so strong it shook up the world. Nobody saw it coming but it was felt by millions. Most importantly, he impacted his community in the way he wanted and his message will be carried on for generations.

Personally, I listen to Nipsey daily and his music will be put into the mixes of classic music artists I keep in rotation like 2pac, The Beatles, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Goapele, and more.

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