Nipsey Hussle "Racks In The MIddle" Passes 100-million Views

Nipsey Hussle “Racks In The MIddle” Passes 100-million Views


Yesterday was the birthday of deceased California  rap legend, Nipsey Hussle.  The most famous Rolling 60’s Crip gang member of all-time many might say,  has had the ‘2Pac effect on the world post-death.  People are seeking his past and present music at all-time highs, as his death has brought more attention to the content of his songs and life achievements, the ‘TMC’ rapper stayed very humble about.    From shifting a whopping $250-million-dollars in business, which greatly helped many poor communities of LA, to having planned the launching of a new Las Vegas hotel, Nipsey was undoubtedly ‘All Money In’ for his Dreams.   Now, even after death, his energy continues to spawn growth.   The iconic rapper’s music video “Racks in the Middle” became his first project to do 100-million views on YouTube, just before his birthday.

Do the views matter?

The views do not matter on Nipsey Hussle’s music. His messages are quite timeless and the lyrical content will be relevant for generations to come.  However, in the current stages of music, this is  sign of success and financial gain.      Many users of the earth’s #1 video streaming service,  will check into the rapper based on the numbers shown.   The growth in views is a strong indicator that his message is far from done, reaching an audience that will appreciate his words.

Nipsey Hussle climbs the stairs to enter Puma's Private Jet with his grandmother

Nipsey Hussle climbs the stairs to enter Puma’s Private Jet with his grandmother

Charting Nipsey’s YouTube Channel Success

The 100-million views mark seats “Racks in the Middle” featuring fellow Los Angeles rapper, Roddy Rich, at the top of Hussle’s most viewed videos on his official channel.    The closest view-count behind it is “Rap N–gas,” which has 43-million views.  In third place is “Last Time That I Checced,” featuring Bompton rapper YG.

A very obvious fact with Nip’s top ranked videos,  he was very partial to the West Coast rap scene.  All of the music videos he shot, only featured West Coast rappers and associates.  Some of the featured names are not even ‘rappers’ or ‘singers,’ but just loyal allies of Nip which he’s gifted a lifetime of royalty checks (from music publishing earnings) to.   The music has become a gift of gold to many, as it’s continually producing revenues, especially after death.

Watch “Racks in The Middle” on CKHiD: click here.