Kendrick Lamar is a fan of boxig, turned into a boxer

Kendrick Lamar is a fan of boxig, turned into a boxer

If you are a rapper, you better know how to right.  In the past we’ve seen Jay-Z take on boxing. Rapper 50 Cent was a boxer before he was a rapper.  Wiz Khalifa has been getting busy with Muay Thai. That inspired Snoop Dogg to learn a little martial arts.  And as more get into it, the fire grows. Now, two California rappers appear to be joining in on the blood sports.  Rapper Kendrick Lamar started boxing, while Blueface Bleedem shows he’s got hand real-time.

Kendrick Lamar Boxing

There no real way to know how TMZ always pulls off such footage. Apparently someone got paid for being in  the boxing gym with their camera however. Rapper Kendrick Lamar has been in the ‘dog house,’ working out his hands.  The “TPAB” rapper was recorded showing off his jabs, uppercuts, hooks this past week.

In the video, Lamar can be seen inside the McGirt Boxing Club, working out in the ring.    The ‘Bompton’ rapper is not in a live sparring session. He is instead punching boxing mitts, upon his trainer calling out where to hit.

It looks like a great training session but it’s clear this is the start of Kendrick Lamar Boxing. His footwork is great and his IQ look decent. However, his lack of hand movement make his punches very predictable. Watch the TMZ sports video below.

Blueface Bleedm Knocks Out Man, 1 Punch

Yeah Aiteee,you want those hands!   It looks like the platinum “Thotiana” rapper and Famous Cryp, Blueface, may have better hands than Kendrick however.  In a recently surfaced video, the rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Porter, can be seen knocking out a man cold. What’s most impressive, he does it with one hit.

The video itself is a bit questionable however.   Some speculate it is a promotional clip of some sort. However, the quality of the video would suggest otherwise.  In the quick, 5-second clip, not much is seen. A man seems to lunge at Blueface with a right hook, and the rapper steps to the side. His reaction speed is impeccable.  He counters with a shot to the chin, like a quick whip. The man is knocked out cold from the hit.

Blueface Bleedem will 'mop you' if he catches you slippin

Blueface Bleedem will ‘mop you’ if he catches you slippin

Blueface has not said anything publicly about the video. It adds fuel to the fire however for his upcoming trial & case.   The rapper’s facing some serious gun charges over an earlier incident when some goons tried to rob his chain. He allegedly opened fire on his attackers [ read here ].  Lets hope his lawyer can eat the case like Mark Philip’s suggests in this video: laugh here.