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Lil Dell writes "I'm Innocent" on Instagram story post

Lil Dell writes “I’m Innocent” on Instagram story post

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Coming Soon Rapper Lil Dell is on the run for murder and firing a missile at a car. This all took place at the Platinum nightclub in Pensacola-Florida just about a week ago.    A woman died [read here] during the incident, that was allegedly between his “BroGang” and another young mob, Cash Gang. Now, as expected from today’s generations, the rapper is posting on IG while on the run.   Lil Dell Instagram story read, “I’m Innocent,” along with other highlights.

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Lil Dell Instagram Story

“@LilDell_900 innocent “ reads the official Instagram story post. The message has almost disappeared from social media.  It will be up an additional 8 hours, as it’s already had 16 on display

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The cryptic message is not his own writing. However, it is shared to his 10.3K followers to show his stance on the issue.  The rapper is claiming he did not do the crime.

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