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  • ASAP Rocky Asking 2 Street Thugs of Sweden To Leave Him & His Friends Alone Because He Wants No Problems

    ASAP Rocky Asking 2 Street Thugs of Sweden To Leave Him & His Friends Alone Because He Wants No Problems

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    margin-top: 177px; The outcome of G-Eazy’s case compared to Rocky’s? G was never held in a jail cell. He got a fine of just $9,000 USD and was told to not let it happen again in the next 2 years.

    max-width: 1170px; In contrast, Black American rapper ASAP Rocky has been held in a Swedish detention center for weeks without bail. He’s now going to trial with his case and facing up to 2 years in prison. These punishments come after the rapper pleaded on video for the 2 Swedish men to leave him alone, stop following him, and he did not want to fight. Two women also tried to plead with the men to leave the rapper alone as well.

    padding-right: 15px; ASAP Rocky vs G-Eazy, the verdict on Sweden

    padding-left: 15px; Perhaps this is how Sweden prefers things. When you rewind it, it appears they favor those who seem to be on drugs, even if it risks their own police officers’ security. Maybe the problem of ASAP Rocky in their eyes, he was not on drugs and he was being less aggressive. Perhaps this European country wants to teach it’s citizens how to just run up and punch people out like a Mike Tyson video game. Along with that, I seems Sweeden likes it’s citizens to celebrate people on cocaine, crokodil, glue, and God knows whatever other drugs they accept.

    } At the same time however, one might question this:if a Black or Latino male were to do those same things, would the response be the same?

    See video of the full melee below here on CKHiD.  It includes footage that many blogs are leaving out, to sensationalize claims of a rapper fighting.    In these additional clips, ASAP Rocky is asking the guys politely and respectfully to leave him alone and saying he does not want to fight. These young Swedish guys continually approach Mayers as if they want to fight, which ultimately happens.

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