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Tory Lanez Hairline is the focus of 30% of his instagram photos now

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mykonos gay bar Tory Lanez hairline was at one point, one of the worst lineups seen since pop star NeYo.  Very talented nonetheless, it did not stop his music from reaching the world. The Toronto singer-rapper survived a rivalry with Drake, rap battle with Joyner Lucas, and a roast by Charlamagne Tha God [see below].  Surviving all of the ‘forehead and fivehead’ jokes only made him more confident. Now, after the implant, Tory Lanez hairline came back and he is not the same as before.

Tory Lanez Hairline Before

Tory Lanez Hairline before hair implant procedure

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dating cafe löschen wiesbaden Kuantan Before the implant, the ‘Trap House’ singer’s hairline was pretty wrecked.  He even had to address the issue on a Breakfast Club interview, when host Charlamagne Tha god was pretty rough and crude with all his questions.  Now the host is a lot more tamed but how Torey answered the question about his forehead, were immaculate.

lillestrøm thai massasje gratis sex treff Ibarra “To all my bald (spot) n–gaz out here dawg, I was a good role model for the time I was here my n-ggaz. I wore it strong my n–gaz but i’m out my n–gaz,” said Tory on the bad hairline.



However, Charlamagne Tha God brought up his hairline was repaired, but Tory was still balding on the back of his dome.     Lanez denied the accusation to which Charlamagne called for the camera man ‘Nick’ to come over and film a close up. The “Luv” singer responded if he tried to film his head, he’d beat him up.  All was in a joking manner.

Life After Hairline Implant Surgery

Tory Lanez Hairline and his jewelry collection, after money & fame

Tory Lanez Hairline and his jewelry collection, after money & fame

Since the implant surgery on the singer’s forehead, his whole presentation of image has been different.  If you pay close attention, it’s raer the artist takes full body photos anymore. Instead, for some reason, all his shots are off his new hairline.

How serious is it?  If you pay attention to Lanez Instagram, as of August 27th, over 30% of his photo feature the singer with his facedown.   The photo is focused on his hairline (see photos above). Knowing the way artists work, this is undoubtedly not a coincidence as every step of their art is calculated.

As for the bald spot in the back of the head CThagod spoke on,  that is still being left in the shade. No photos are taken of the singer from behind. No angle is giving a clear shot of the balding area.   Perhaps he got this fixed, perhaps not.

What do you think of Tory Lanez hairline today? Is it better than before or no? Leave a comment below here on CKHiD and tweet the article to Tory until he responds (@ToryLanez).