Rapper Young Jeezy's been working out, flexes with no shirt on for 'the gram'

Rapper Young Jeezy’s been working out, flexes with no shirt on for ‘the gram’


Everyone makes bad fashion decisions at some point in life.    For rapper Young Jeezy, he was lucky enough to avoid the countless roasts for over a decade in his decorated music career.  That perfect record just got chipped however. Recently the rapper did a photo shoot for his new single and things went bad.    The rapper got ‘2pac’ inspired, looking to do high fashion, but the Hawkinsville to Atlanta transplant went too far.  His Balenciaga boots stole the show. The ‘Lil Nas X’ type boots ended up the talk of celebs in a group chat. Trey Songz, OT Genasis, and even DJ Envy had to diss Jeezy for his boots, but all in good fun.


Jeezy’s Balenciaga Flub

The ‘cowboy boots’ that are drawing all the attention were high fashion.  The Georgia rapper thought things would be cool to wear, because of the pricey tag.  Not only that, he genuinely liked the smooth design and thought it was ‘up with the Joneses’ of today.  Oh, how the Snowman was super wrong.

“On August 23rd, the day this album comes out, I’m going to burn these boots in front of everybody, because I need my friends back. Them boots cost me friends,” said Jeezy to the Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club morning show hosts on the reaction to the boots.

He elaborated on how a few friends felt, but OT Genasis call, sums up everyone.   Jeezy recalls the convo, “OT Genasis called me like ‘Yo Cuz, what’s up with you? The homies out here in LA wanna know if you still solid?’  I’m [replying] like ‘Yo! my man, these Balenciagas.”

Jeezy Balenciaga boots diss, his worst fashion flub

Jeezy Balenciaga boots diss, his worst fashion flub

A hilarious phone call certainly, it also let Jeezy know the severity of how bad his fashion decision was.  Afterall, it’s not often gang bangers stop their street activity to make governing calls on fashion decisions.   That would be the equivalent of the President of America worrying about cheese production in South Korea.

The disses from celebrity friends didn’t stop there however. Apparently there was a whole chat going and one person called out the ‘Jeezy boots’ discussion, bringing it to the attention of the rapper himself.  Of course, it was done with a laugh.

“Trey Songz called me talking about ‘We got a group chat going, they killing you Cuz.  I’mma send it to you’” say Jeezy on Trigga giving his bat phone a call to let him know he needed to drop the boots out of his wardrobe.


Jeezy "TM104: Legend of the Snowman" album cover artwork

Jeezy “TM104: Legend of the Snowman” album cover artwork

Jeezy Breakfast Club Interview (2019)

The Snowman talked about the entire situation on the morning radio show, The Breakfast Club. The rapper laughed with Charlamagne Tha God and Anyela Yee over the entire situation. DJ Envy also laughed because he too was one of the celebrities that dissed Jeezy’s boots.  However, he was one of the few that tried to advise the “1 Time” rapper against putting the photos out, in the first place.

The full Breakfast Club interview covers Jeezy’s motivation behind his final project on Def Jam Records, TM104: Legend of the Snowman [ stream here ].  It’s also the final project of his Thug Motivation series, closing out a chapter of his life.  The album just released August 23rd and one can only guess if the Jeezy Balenciaga boots were burned, in chorus with his friends laughing and getting their final ‘disses’ out.

The first single of Jeezy “TM104 Legend of the Snowman” rap album is “1 Time.”  Watch the video here on CKHiD on-line: click here.

Watch the full Breakfast Club interview below.  The Georgia rapper covers many topics but the talk about his ‘Lil Nas X boots‘ start at 22:22  mark.