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Blu Ivy Carter and Father, Jay-Z

Blu Ivy Carter and Father, Jay-Z

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Rapper Jay-Z has been in a lot of controversy lately. His partner Dame Dash said he’s being ‘sleazy,’ essentially doing anything for money.   Colin Kaepernick’s crew has denounced the Roc Nation’s bosses move to partner with the NFL. Now, there’s another red flag being tossed. The Brooklyn-NY rapper has people in arms.  Jay-Z said police killing could stop if more kids had a father, which creates a shift of blame for law enforcement actions.

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Jigga losing his cool???

Coming Soon A very pungent odor is starting to develop around Jay-Z. His vibe is not the same as before, by many’s opinions. The same rapper that once told the world, cops will need a warrant to open his car trunk, is saying kids now need to give in to authority.

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In an interview in January, Jay-Z sat with a panel of people including Robert Kraft and Meek Mill.  The group came together to discuss the ‘criminal reform issues’ that was inspired by Mill’s alleged misjudgement and harsh probation terms.  In this panel session, Jigga was the only one to talk about Police killing people and the potential reasons behind it.

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“Having an adverse feeling for authority.  Like your father’s gone so you like, “I hate my dad.” Wont nobody tell me what to do. I’m the man of the house.  [And] When you hit the street and you run into a police officer and his first thing is “Put your hands up. Freeze Shut up. “

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Jay-Z Blames Absentee Fathers of Kids

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