Ciara as Beyonce, Russell Westbrooks As Jay-Z, for Halloween 2019

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Ciara & Russell Wilson are the perfect example of a power couple. If you follow their Instagrams, then you already know they live together, cook together, and this Halloween, they costume together. And you can be sure that this year, they knocked it out of the park. The iconic couple decided to pay homage to the OG black power couple – Beyonce and Jay-Z. Taking inspiration from the music video for “Apeshit” the couple definitely won best celebrity costume of 2019, thus far.

They Nailed the Halloween 2019 Costume, Right Down to The Setting

Wearing the stylized suits that helped cement Beyonce & Jay-Z’s music video into our minds forever, the couple went beyond that of a typical celebrity costume. While most celebrity costumes revolve around celebrities picking other celebrities that they look like, singer Ciara Wilson and her NFL star husband put real, discernible effort into their looks. One can just look at their Insta to see how they tried to emulate the architecture in the original video. Obviously, this would be pretty hard to achieve, considering “Apeshit” was filmed in the freakin’ Tordera budesonide kaufen Louvre, but they still did a near impeccable job.

The couple was able to effortlessly capture what NPR called the “high art” inherent in the original hip-hop/r & b project. However, they still stayed relevant and cheeky in their posts. Whereas in the original video, Jay-Z and Beyonce are seen posing in front of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Mona Lisa, the Wilsons decided to do things a little bit differently. Instead of printing out some replica or doing something equally uninspired, the power couple decided to instead honor yet another black power couple. Can you guess who? Here’s a hint: they might be even more OG than Jay-Z and Beyonce. That’s right: Russell and Ciara may as well have been winking as they chose to pose in front of a portrait of the Obamas, who are arguably modern masterpieces in their own right.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Costumes, Ciara & Russell Wilson for Halloween 2019

Beyonce & Jay-Z Costumes, Ciara & Russell Wilson for Halloween 2019

Ciara Gives An In-Depth Look At Her Costume on Insta

Ciara’s caption on her celebrity costume Instagram post read “From the Wilsons to the Carters to the Obamas… Much Love & Respect. We goin Ape $#!% #HappyHalloween.” The singer of “Beauty Marks” posted a separate series of pics that offer different up-close angles and lighting that truly highlights the thought and care she put into this Halloween 2019 costume. It truly feels like a tribute, and not just some thrown-together work for a party. When it comes to celebrity Halloween costumes, this one has definitely felt like the most thoughtful, and we can’t wait to see what the Wilsons have planned for next year.

Watch Russ’ YouTube vlog video beneath of their preparation for the Halloween 2019 costumes.  Also see the original music video “ApeShit” here on CKHiD: click here.