DaBaby flashing $100K Cash Money

DaBaby flashing $100K Cash Money

Overnight hip-hop sensation DaBaby made a name for himself with catchy beats and hilarious videos that get millions of views. He even posts videos on his channel of his friends to help them get showcase their music. With so much attention, you would expect that the North Carolina rapper receives fair compensation. But an online calculator estimates DaBaby YouTube earnings well past $500K a month!


By The Numbers: Views Boost Earnings

DaBaby YouTube earnings stem directly from his self-titled channel’s popularity. Simply checking any of his videos shows a comfortable following of 2.46 million subscribers. According to the online calculator, the amount of subscribers and expected views give the channel a Cost Per Mille (CPM) of $3.44. This means that for every 1000 views the video receives, DaBaby makes $3.44. One thousand clicks may seem like a lot, but the catchy beats and humorous themes keep fans clicking.

And clicks do add up. As a result, daily DaBaby YouTube earnings amount to $16,001.67. Moreover, the calculator estimates monthly earnings of $480,050 and yearly earnings at $5,840,609. That’s not a bad return for seemingly low-budget music videos.

However, it should be noted that the website posts this disclaimer:

“YouTube Money Calculator estimates the earnings according to local CPM and average views of your videos. These figures are Estimated Earnings as there are many factors which decide the overall CPM, like video type, region, etc. All information is for reference only.”

Although, the various videos of him throwing bills might say otherwise.


Mo’ Money: Publishing Deal

DaBaby isn’t only focusing on his internet presence. He recently signed a contract to partner with Universal Music Publishing Group, his biggest deal yet. He signed with Interscope records earlier this year, and is letting Universal administer his music. But he wasn’t satisfied going alone. That’s why UMPG also agreed to include content from Charlotte-based South Coast Music Group which the rapper calls home.

Meanwhile, DaBaby continues to recruit talent for his own label Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. The label signs local talent which generate views and also contribute to DaBaby YouTube earnings. Rappers on the BDBE roster include Stunna 4 Vegas, 704 Chop, and most recently Rich Dunk (with whom he co-starred in the viral ‘High School’ video).

Notably, the Charlotte-based rapper appeared in a commercial for Nike’s “Evolution of Swoosh” collection. This is part of the “We Live Sneakers” campaign which partnered with retailer Footlocker and recruited music and sport icons to showcase the footwear.

Although, DaBaby YouTube earnings aren’t enough to satisfy the young star. After releasing two critically-acclaimed albums, he is giving fans a chance to hear his talents live. He is currently on tour presenting his latest album ‘Kirk’ to audiences in Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other US cities.