BoutADolla Butta Stands on A table Flexing Thousands in Cash on His Arm

BoutADolla Butta Stands on A table Flexing Thousands in Cash on His Arm


Rising Rap Star Shot Down in Greenville, SC Parking Lot

Rapper Lil Boosie’s quote about rappers being killed in their hometown, has once again rang true. Monday, October 5th, the streets of Greenville-South Carolina took the life of it’s most promising music artists. Monday, LeMarcus Raekwon Martin aka BoutADollar Butta, was killed outside of a CVS Pharmacy according to FOXCAROLINA.

Martin was killed by a single gunshot. He was found by Police in the parking lot of the convenience store after witnesses called in about a shooting. Multiple shots were fired but the SC rapper was the only one believed to be hit.

Who’s believed to be a friend of the Bout-A-Dollar rapper rushed him to another location in a private vehicle, just down the street.  From there, he was then taken by paramedics to a local hospital, Prisma Health Greenville.

At the time of arrival to PHG, the rapper is said to have been alive. However, he later succumbed to his wound.

The shooting happened in mid-day, just before 6PM (EST). It’s clear the CVS on East North Street and North Pleasantburg Drive has a camera where the event too place and perhaps other businesses nearby do as well.  The Greenville Police Department will be surely checking for footage for tips on who committed the crime.

It’s also being reported a second person was possibly shot, and was found on the scene. However, this was only reported by an independent news reporter (seen on Fox Carolina News website above).

Who Killed Butta and Why?

Update 10/8/2020 – Apparently, a suspect has been put into custody by the Greenville Police Department less than 3 days after BAD Butta’s death.   What’s more shocking, is the reasoning behind his senseless murder.

Police have charged Jaqueze Mikal Butler-Mcrae with murder.   Apparently he was with the young rapper’s  sister at CVS, when the two got into a heated argument of some sort.   Being a caring brother, Lamarcus Martin stepped to the older, Butler-Mcrae attempting to stop the verbal attack on his sister. Shortly after if not at the moment of this challenging of verbage, Jaqueze Mikal shot at Lamarcus Martin, striking him once.

More shocking, the shooter is actually related to the young rapper and his sister.    It’s not clear of what sort of relation they are, but fans on-line think their similarity in facial features would make them cousins.

It be your own people SMH come on now @therealyoungq_” wrote one fan and personal friend of the BAD rapper.   The user @1jordancruno  may have been alluding to this profile being that of the man who murdered Butta.  Since his name-dropping, the profile has been de-activated and removed from instagram.

The rapper has made it clear he has gang ties in his music, and it’s likely to be under a microscope with Greenville Detectives over the coming week.  He’s constantly throwing up “4” for 4LB, a blood gang set heavy in the south.  However, the city is not known for dramatic gang  clashes and this is surely not related to banging.

Also, Butta has a prior arrest and conviction for a shooting in California in 2017. The South Carolina rapper shot a man attempting to rob him of Marijuana (read here). However, the style of this shooting on an entirely different coast, would seem unrelated.

Top Rap Songs of BoutADollar Butta

Father and Son

Father and Son

The music of LeMarcus Martin painted a vivid picture of a lifestyle riddled with pain and chasing success. In his songs “I Say” and “Step Back” he talked about how he ended up in the streets, after blowing out his knee, while being a star football player at Greenville High School. Also, the 24-year-old discusses all the fake people he encountered on this rise and fall, leaving him to feel a need to self-isolate on this road to fame.   Most notably, the rapper’s father recently passing also seemed to weigh on him somewhat heavily.

However treacherous the road, Butta always kept a smile and celebrated the successes he came across in life.    This superstar image is what made him very likeable by fans.

Nearing Fame

The rapper, who coined the moniker B-A-D, was rising in notoriety.    NBA Legend Kevin Garnett co-signed him earlier in 2020 (read here) and also paid tribute to him, after the killing.

“RIP BoutADollar Butta.  Let your music rock on  Respect Youngin,” wrote the Celtics Champion  and All-star MVP on his instagram story (@Tic_Pix).

Former YouTube star C.KHiD was excited about the young prodigy coming from his hometown, sharing his music with everyone he could, sensing time was of the essence. The “Yeah Yeah” rapper got Kendrick Lamar’s DJ , MackWop, to play one of BAD B’s songs during a livestream on YouTube.   MackWop  liked the new tune and gave props to the Greenville prospect, which C.KHiD hoped to turn into further review of Butta’s music catalog.

video : Step Back


Video: I Say


Telling the tales of maneuvering through the streets of Greenville became the biggest of Butta’s songs to date. Listening closely to ‘No Cap, No Lie,’ one can tell what the life and times of Martin entailed. A ladies man and a ‘G,’ he raps bars about needing protection as he cruised “G-Vegas.”

Video: “No Lie”

Far from just a ‘local rapper,’ Butta’s following was growing swiftly. The independent artist took his grind to California and Atlanta. The rapper who said he’s a permanent gangster, didn’t hide inside from his enemies. He went back to California to shoot his music video “Mode” and hit Atlanta for one of his latest projects, which he made with close friends, “GoodTimes.”

Video: Mode

Video: Good Times

Video: Foreign Exchange

Not local but still proud of his community, Butta gave the world a taste of his Judson community with the video “4LB.” Featuring his close friend BAD Crippy, viewers get a glimpse into Martin’s neighborhood community, down to the ice cream truck.

Video: Big 4LB

These top songs are not all of Butta’s released content.  More songs and videos were shared YouTube (click here) and soundcloud (here).  His instagram is loaded with pictures that captured a ‘ballin’ lifestyle [see here].  It appears the BAD rapper was undoubtedly making moves to earn money, even during the pandemic.

CKHiD online send condolences to Butta’s family and loved ones.

Unreleased music from the 24-year-old rapper does exist. However, what will happen to these songs is unknown. Stay tuned to his social media for updates.  Rest in Peace 864 Legend, BoutADollar BUtta.