DaBaby "Intro" Music Video Capture, As Rapper Talks About His Struggles During Rise To Hip-hop Superstardom

DaBaby “Intro” Music Video Capture, As Rapper Talks About His Struggles During Rise To Hip-hop Superstardom


EXCLUSIVE:  Rapper DaBaby just released a new music video today.  The Hip-Hop visual is for one of the rappers’ most heart-felt songs off the album “Baby on Baby.”   The official ‘intro’ music video dropped and gave new breath to the song’s lyrics. It reminded fans of the rapper’s struggles, even as he reached amazing heights of success. Now, the truth of how DaBaby father died has been uncovered possibly, exclusively here by the CKHiD team.


Who Is Rapper DaBaby’s Dad, the search

The real name of Hip-Hop superstar DaBaby Jonathan Lyndale Kirk.   He was born in Cleveland-Ohio but raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.  His hometown is part of Mecklenburg County and many times called ‘The Queen City.’  It’s also ranked as the of the best places in the United States for African-American professionals, many times topping the ‘Black Mecca,’ Atlanta-GA.

A quick property search for the rapper’s real name on the Mecklenburg property tax website, shows the rapper had a property with, “Elizabeth B Kirkland.”  This is believed to be DaBaby’s mother. Using this information for a background search, one can easy find any known husband.

I got the number one record, they acknowledged the jit (Ayy, yo, Kid)

They goin’ crazy when they play it, head bobbin’ and shit

And I’m just somewhere fucked up thinkin’ ’bout my father and shit

They found him dead a couple days before I started tour

The related husband to Elizabeth is the presumed father of the “Intro rapper, who’s fondly called “Jon Jon” by his family.    Based on the property and background search, in conjunction with the time frame DaBaby gives in this ‘Intro’ lyrics, his father can be roughly identified as James Curtis Kirkland (obituary here).  According to the “Blank Blank” rapper he was about to go on tour and got news his father was found dead.   This believed father’s death would agree with this statement as he died just before the rapper’s  “Baby Talk 5” concert tour began in June 2018.


How DaBaby Father Died in 2018

If James Curtis Kirkland is the father as presumed, it’s clear he had  tumultuous pass. One of the coolest facts about him however, he obviously helped inspire DaBaby to rap.  James had a clear affinity for Hip-Hop music, as he was a DJ himself. In one of his obituary photos, Kirkland was captured practicing the craft of Disc-Jockeying on his turn-tables with headphones on.

Unfortunately however, Kirkland Sr. also had his battles with the streets of North Carolina. According to Mecklenburg County Public Records (see here),  DaBaby’s father was associate to drugs. He was arrested on July 28, 2017 attempting to obtain a controlled substance via fraud.  At the time of arrest he also in possession of cocaine with intent to sell or distribute. James also had drug paraphernalia on hand.

James Curtis Kirk and what may be a photo of DaBaby With His Father as a Baby

James Curtis Kirk and what may be a photo of DaBaby With His Father as a Baby

Only 2 Ways A Marriage To The Streets End

The natural conclusion of anyone with all of the above information and Daby “Intro” song lyrics leads to two theories on how Dababy father died in 2018.    James Kirkland Sr was involved with the streets and drugs, which matches the gangster rap lifestyle DaBaby professes in his music. And as every street rapper says, the street life has one or two endings, dead or in jail.

It’s believed James Kirkland Sr was either killed over his involvement with drugs or died abusing drugs.

That shit there was confusin’, a lil’ bit, you know I flew in with the stick

Okay, like let me know what’s up before I lose it in this bitch

And everybody tryna talk, I ain’t tryna talk, I’m tryna click

I’m tryna send somebody wit’ him

Somebody let me know what’s happenin’

My last name K-I-R-K, Kirk

You know how I rock behind my daddy

Judging by DaBaby “Intro” song lyrics above (full lyrics here), the death was one influenced by the hands of others however. The rapper claims he wanted to do something to the people involved with his father’s death upon arriving home from Miami.  However, his family calmed him down it is assumed, as they were trying to console him over the entire situation.


Hip-Hop DJ’s Death May Be Of Drug Abuse or Street Ties

In Urban America, children  in violent areas where drugs are prevalent, sometimes turn into the parent’s “Street pharmacist.” They become the ‘doctor’ to their parent, limiting and controlling the drug given to the father or mother to avoid bad dope killing the loved one.

Another common scenario in street-affiliated families, the child becomes an aggressive protect of a parent on drugs.  They will stop whoever’s trying to deal drugs to their addicted family member via violence.

Both of these scenarios are based on well-known ghetto, trailer park, and lower-income America scenarios where a family is addicted to a controlled substance. Though the stereotype is not limited to these areas, it is more common there according to statistics.

If DaBaby Father did not die this way, then it’s presumed he was killed over some sort of street business.  The rapper himself has been involved in shootouts over failed robbery attempts at a place him and his brother lived. Therefore, it’s very possible street business mixed with family business could have taken the life of Jonathan L Kirk’s father.

DaBaby Daughter (left) and his father James Curtis Kirk (right); Rapper says the two look alike

DaBaby Daughter (left) and his father James Curtis Kirk (right); Rapper says the two look alike

DaBaby Daughter Looks Like Father

Another line in the “Intro” song lyrics makes another interesting claim.     “Jon Jon” says his baby girl, first born child, looks like his dad. Here are images or the proposed father & her side by side to compare:

To the left is James Curtis Kirkland as a child and to the right is the “Baby of DaBaby.”    See a resemblance? The noses and eyes definitely connect. The perfect teeth and bright smile of the elder, definitely resemble DaBaby.

Though this news is a long detailed report, it’s still not 100% secure facts as of now.   DaBaby is the only one who can confirm. If this is his father, he obviously had a strong bond with his son.  And beyond that, his son became a successful man, which is the best legacy a father can leave behind. James Curis’ obvious knack for Hip-Hop was also passed down and possibly is the foundation from which birthed all of DaBaby’s worldly-loved talents. Everyone has problem in life however, but few can celebrate such champion traits to pass above their flaws.   Rest in Peace James Curis Kirk.

Have not heard the song related to this story about how Dababy father died yet? Watch the official DaBaby “Intro”music video here on CKHiD: click here.