Adam22 Comments on DJ AKademik's Post About Dame Dash Interview Costing $500

Adam22 Comments on DJ AKademik’s Post About Dame Dash Interview Costing $500

Dame Dash always talks about being a hustler and priding himself on being his own boss. However, the ‘chatty patties’ are going in right now about his recent interview with Adam22 of No Jumper. It was there he fired more shots at the billionaire Jay-Z brand, before big upping himself.   Now it’s been discovered, his business savvy is not as great as he professes. The former Rocafella Records CEO was only paid $500 to do the interview with Adam.

NoJumper: Adam22 Paid Dame $500 For Interview

Adam22 spoke in a livestream about the recent interview and the success it had. A fan questioned him about how the interview came about, to which the NoJumper founder explained he reached out to Dash’s publicist.    Dame’s pub required he be paid to do an interview, to which Adam22 allegedly declined. He feels his platform and audience size are a bigger value to Dame than vice versa. From there, Damon Dash’s team reached back out to declare $500 is required minimum.

The payment of five Benjamin Franklin bills was not much for someone of Damon’s level and history.  However, what shocked Adam22 was what the bill was said to be for. Dame’s publicist says the $500 fee is for his driver and a haircut.

After this, DJ Akademiks cut a clip from the livestream and shared it on his instagram profile. Many blogs picked it up.



Adam22 Made $10,000 off Dame Dash Interview

As strange as the payment request details were, NoJumper still hosted the interview.  Adam paid the fee. The outcome proved the gamble to be a big payoff. The interview had clips that went viral and everyone tuned in to Adam22’s channel.

Adam posted a comment on DJ Akademik’s instagram video to let the world know just ho big of a payoff the gamble was.

He wrote in his reply, “I made almost 10k off that interview it was worth it.”

A big statement and sure to set off a lot of blog owners requesting Dame Dash interviews.   Apparently Damon’s words are still worth something because people can earn ten-thousand-dollars off a quick 30 minute talk session with him.  Rappers don’t even make that much off their own YouTube videos.

Since the comment, nearly 5000 people click the ‘like’ symbol to move Adam22’s reply to the top of DJ Akademik’s post.

The profit made likely comes from the viewership of the video.  Doing millions of views on the interview, each viewer saw advertisements placed by YouTube or private parties. After the video got shared so many times, viewership skyrocketed.

The only thing that matters at the end of the day however, Adam22 Made $10k Off Dame Dash Interview.  That is what you call good business as it’s a $9,500 profit before paying his NoJumper staff.